Life. Health. Fitness.

Life. Health. Fitness.

You are an athlete! FiveStar’s mission is to unleash you to Optimize Health and Redefine Fitness, so you can Live Your Life.  We strive to teach you the knowledge and skills needed to move your body safely, functionally, and how to fuel for success.  We do this because we are crazy about it, and LOVE what we do! Everyone is given one body, care for it and you will be amazed with the things it will do, both for you and those that you love.

Intro Session

You can do this, and there is no need to get in shape to start here. That is what happens after you become a FiveStar Athlete. Join a coach for the first step!

Alpha Training

Future Leader? Learn habits, behaviors, skills and information necessary to Master the Mind, Train the Body, Save the World! Empower them TODAY.

FitCamp Challenge

Drop the Barbell and Heavy Weight, and Increase the Heart Rate. Workouts designed to ramp up your intensity and target those areas we all wish were better!

CrossFit Classes

Start out at the Fitness Level build up to Performance and if you want to be challenged work up to our Competition Level. You Progress at Your Own Pace!



I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, both physically and mentally. It makes me want to test my limits and has given me more confidence in everything I do. Plus it’s just a lot of fun!

Brian M

I really dislike gyms. I love CrossFit because it is something new and different every day. I find I push myself harder then I ever have and was surprised at the things I was able to accomplish.

Jenn D

At my last doctors appointment my cholesterol, blood pressure and weight was much improved. It made my doctor’s week to see one of his patients make positive changes to their health.

Jerry M

The decision to join Dani’s at boot camp was definitely one of the best choices I’ve ever made towards my fitness goals. Boot camp days I wake up excited and motivated because it’s always something new. I truly believe that Dani and Shawn are two of the best coaches in the area because they will push you mentally and physically to achieve any goal you have!

Chelsey D

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