CrossFit FiveStar
Our Team

Our Coaching Staff have dedicated part of their lives to advancing the Sport of Fitness through CrossFit. We proudly call ourselves not only CrossFitters, but athletes, mothers, fathers, spouses, teachers, competitors, coaches, and friends.

  • Shawn Butler

Shawn Butler

This seemingly nice guy will offer you “the Cool Aid”, and once you have drank “the Cool Aid”, nothing will ever be the same! You will soon find yourself as part of the Cult Family. Through his tutelage, you will be transformed mentally and physically, by means of this exercise program called “CrossFit” — but the rabbit hole goes much deeper. It is also a sport where competitions occur daily, weekly, and monthly, both locally as well as world-wide. Coach Shawn is a five (5) time CrossFit Regional Competitor and future NPGL Grid Athlete, always striving and committed towards mastery of this sport. His passion for competition is only matched by his need to coach and help others — a symbiotic relationship of coach and athlete helping each other. He believes that teaching peers is one of the best ways to develop mastery. When ordinary people get together and work towards common fitness goals, extraordinary Athletes are born!

  • Dani Butler

Dani Butler
Bootcamp Director

Upon first glance, Dani might be mistaken for a typical wife and mother. Once you put a kettle bell into her hand however, she transforms into a modern day super hero, changing from “woman” to “whoa man!”.

Mild mannered and demure by day, WOD crushing fitness crusader by night (and the AM classes she runs for the brave), coach Dani can help turn a home maker into a heart breaker with her custom Boot(y) Camp workouts and nutritional information. As a CrossFit certified trainer and part time fitness model (check her out at a competition near you), Dani has the working skill set to hone that missing edge to our FiveStar athletes and provide the no-excuses asskicking direction to both new and veteran alike.

  • Zakk Hecht

Zakk Hecht

Zakk or Zach, no one knows (or cares) the one true spelling. What we do know is that Zakk can’t double under and like other men in his family, is facial hair impared, and you should ask him about both. We occasionally let him WOD with us, but only if he doesn’t touch the music.

Want to know more? Ask him about his propensity for playing dress-up one weekend a month and two weeks a year.

Zakk also enjoys power lifting, long walks in the woods, wearing mis-matching socks, the Twilight Saga (he’s team Edward), and showing up his older brother Kyle during every WOD.

  • Joel Burgos

Joel Burgos

Joel is a fellow Fivestar Athlete who has joined our coaching team. His journey to better health and fitness started 4 years ago when he weighed 225lbs and was pre-diabetic. Along the way to losing 60lbs he found CrossFit and fell in love with the Methodology of the sport of fitness.
Joel believes that because of his experiences and fight for better health and fitness he can relate to people who struggle with the same thing. He looks forward to showing you that anything is possible, and that you will never be bored with CrossFit.

  • Kyle Hecht

Kyle Hecht

Being a grown adult the same height as a 12 year old, Kyle knows how hard it is to get taken seriously, especially when your sister is an athletic rock star. That’s when he discovered competitive kite flying, where lack of size and the sex appeal of leukemia don’t hold a flame to keen hand-eye coordination and color coordinated socks and shoes. After a debilitating injury to my shoulder on a particularly windy day at regionals, his doctor recommended he take up an actual sport to help his recovery — this is where CrossFit came into. 2 years later and he’s happy to brag about how his 85lb deadlift triple banded pullups are really earning him respect at home and with the ladies. His only goal is to help others achieve their potential too.

  • Shaun Morrison

Shaun Morrison

On the evening of July 11th 2012 Shaun walked into a free CrossFit class with his buddy, knowing nothing about Crossfit and looking to spark his fitness routine again, little did he know it would become an inferno. Shaun had always battled a smaller frame and found it difficult to gain any real mass. After years of various fitness programs and routines with little or nothing to show for it he finally found the solution at CrossFit FiveStar. The tremendous coaches at FiveStar taught and encouraged him to a level of fitness he never realized existed. Not only did he find the ability to gain mass, he found a passion and joy for fitness that he never experienced in any gym. Now a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer himself he wants to help others achieve their fitness goals and experience that same passion and happiness for fitness.

  • Zach Wilson

Zach Wilson

At first glance, you might confuse Zakk and Zach, except for the fact Zach has the long flowing hair of a Persian god and the slender frame of a Latvian gymnast.

Aside from training all of us in the CrossFit classes, Zach also helps run the Kids Camp here at FiveStar, helping to inspire and teach responsibility, fitness, and self-esteem to our camps. You may also know Zach from his soon to be annual Festivus Games winter competition at CrossFit FiveStar.

When not in the gym working out, coaching, or helping run new athlete foundations, Zach can be found in Doylestown park, where he is assistant captain on a community quidditch team. If you’ve got an enchanted broom, swiffer, or mop you are open to selling, please drop him a message as he’s always looking to upgrade his equipment to gain that edge.

  • Sarah Tomlinson

Sarah Tomlinson

Half spider-monkey, like 3/5ths wolverine, a few deciliters of pre-workout, and maybe about 2.74% blonde hair — let’s take a break while we work out that math.

Sarah is the better half of the Kids Camp coaching team, bringing her athleticism, fire, and annoyingly upbeat personality with her each class.  When not showing your offspring how to use teamwork and determination to overcome adversity, she has become somewhat of the patron saint of girl power at the facility, helping to push all her fellow female athletes to find their potential.

Ok, I think we got it —

  • 13% rabid beaver
  • 26.32% determination
  • 1% muscle up machine
  • 16% tiger blood
  • -5.38% will never beat Rob in a competition
  • 49.06% enthusiasm